Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Shocking Coincidence

Just to put on record for the benefit of those who have willingly chosen to remain blindfolded or have been gullibly hoodwinked.

The coincidence of the admitted assault on Jayashree and Hemlata’s alleged pregnancy is nothing less than shocking. Jayashree was assaulted on 09/01/2001. Trustees declared Hemlata to be 6-7 months pregnant on 10/01/2001, within 24 hours. What prevented the trustees to issue her any show-cause notice and conduct an enquiry in January 2001 itself for violating the rule of the Ashram?
  • -          Tresor Nursing Home is a personal and private nursing home of Chitra Sen on the property belonging to the Ashram.
  • -          A record of every ashramite who visits the premises is maintained and submitted to Chitra Sen who submits it to Dr. Dilip Kumar Dutta, in charge of all the medical facilities in the Ashram.
  • -          So even if I had been accused of destroying the so-called “evidence”, why did Dr. Dilip Kumar Dutta fail to produce the copy of the report which should have been submitted by Chitra Sen?
  • -          How did Dr. Dilip Kumar Dutta, being a senior doctor, miss this advance stage of Hemlata’s alleged pregnancy when she was meeting him on a daily basis for demanding justice for Jayashree’s assault?
  • -          When the trustees accused Hemlata of being 6-7 months pregnant, they did not need any medical certification required to confirm it, a profile photo would have done the trick. In her small frame of body where was she supposed to hide this advance stage of pregnancy! How come it went unnoticed even by the married women and mothers in her department at “Embroidery Department”!
  • -          When a medical document is stolen or destroyed in a nursing home, its management reports it to the police. What stopped Chitra Sen to lodge a police complaint against me and why didn’t the Ashram trustees issue me a show cause notice with regard to this incident? But this most important question still remains unanswered for obvious reasons, there was no pregnancy and therefore no destruction of medical evidence.
The fact is that the trustees were scared by the threat of the supporters of Krishna Chandra who had said that they would do a mass walkout of the Ashram Dining Room if any disciplinary action was taken against Krishna Chandra. So to suppress, confuse, mislead and misrepresent the incident of the assault on Jayashree, the trustees and their henchmen started the rumor about Hemlata’s alleged pregnancy.

Krishna Belliappa, who volunteered for causing Hemlata’s alleged pregnancy and as stated by the trustees, was never expelled from the Ashram. In fact in Menon’s enquiry (third enquiry by trustees’ count) he was examined as trustees’ witness and declared that he was not responsible for the alleged pregnancy. He not only enjoys till date all the facilities and amenities provided by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, he has been bestowed with power, position, money and women.

The two Krishnas were and are still being patronized by the trustees, since the trustees themselves are all aspiring to become Krishnas and being constantly entertained by the willing gopis of the Ashram. Therefore from April 2001, since we sisters revolted against this system of entertainment, the vindictive trustees have left no stone unturned to harass, victimize, falsely accuse us, defame us and overall make our lives thoroughly miserable and unlivable. What a spiritual justice!

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