Tuesday, 15 May 2001

Victimization Due to Criminal Case

Notices were issued to the accused trustees and the three accused inmates in the defamation case filed by Hemlata in S.T.R. No.864/2001 at Pondicherry. The trustees were simply furious becoming vindictive and revengeful. My sisters and even my parents were not spared. Some highlights of harassment. 
  1. Arunashri taught painting classes for adults. Her classes were stopped by Ashok Acharya acting on the instructions of Shobha Mitra.
  2. Arunashri’s library facility at Ashram School was stopped through Asmita Shah (maiden name) by Manoj Das Gupta, the Registrar of Ashram School and the Managing Trustee of Ashram.
  3. Parents’ work which they offered voluntarily at the Ashram was stopped.
  4. Parents’ food which they partook on payment basis from Ashram Dining Room was stopped.
  5. Parents were repeatedly threatened by henchmen of the trustees to withdraw the criminal case if they wanted to live in peace at Pondicherry.