Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Magisterial Enquiry Still Pending Before Pondicherry Govt.

To our utter consternation Mr. Vasanthkumar is transferred and our case has gone to sleep. Then on 10.12.2007 a fresh G.O. was issued appointing Mr. Vijaykumar Bidhuri, I.A.S. Sub-Divisional Magistrate cum Deputy Collector at Pondicherry, as the new enquiry officer for the magisterial enquiry being conducted.

Mr. Vijay Bidhuri pasted a notice dated 21.01.2008 on the pillar inside Ambabhikshu House, wherein we are residing, informing all the residents about the enquiry being conducted. On 22.01.2008 Mr. Vijay Bidhuri came with his team to Ambabhikshu House for inspection, investigation and spot-enquiry. They visited each of our rooms and recorded our statements. During this visit Subhashini Mohanty, who had assaulted Arunashri arrogantly came to interfere with the investigation, whereas Minoty Mohanty condescendingly questioned his authority on behalf of the trustees and claiming to be in-charge of Ambabhikshu House.

We made further representations to Mr. Vijay Bidhuri. Mr. Ashokan, being his assistant, updated him about our case since it had been carried forwarded from Mr. Vasanthakumar. Mr. Vijay Bidhuri conducted an enquiry but before it could be completed he too was transferred from Pondicherry.

This enquiry is still pending with the Pondicherry Government.

Government Order dated 10.12.2007 and Notice dated 21.08.2008 are produced below.