Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Miscarriage of Justice by Corrupt Supreme Court Judges

With great difficulty and with an even heavier heart, in spite of losing all hope we were constrained to prefer S.L.P. No.27620/2012 before the Supreme Court of India. Luckily Justice H.L. Gokhale and Justice Nijjar were hearing our case and they granted us stay.

Thereafter our case was temporarily listed in April 2014 and without getting listed in the final list it was adjourned to 15.07.2014. However on 26.04.2014 suddenly our case was preponed by about 1 ½ months and got listed on 29.04.2014 before a new bench comprising of Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya and Justice Ranjan Gogoi. Both these judges were totally biased and without giving us any opportunity to present our case they passed perverse and malafide order in interim petition, especially when the trial was underway in the suit for the past four years. These two judges literally threatened our lawyers when they tried to present our case and under two minutes malafide order of eviction was granted on 29.04.2014 by these judges.

Order dated 29.04.2014 is produced hereunder.