Sunday, 19 September 2004

Police Dictates Complaint for Registering FIR

On 04.08.2004 Arunashri wrote a letter to Managing Trustee informing him about the molestation and their failure to protect her. She then sent a complaint on 05.08.2004 to the Pondicherry Police through RPAD. This complaint has been totally denied by the police but we have A/D Card to prove that the police did receive this complaint but failed to act. All of us were being continually harassed and even our various possessions like cycle, footwear and door locks were being broken, damaged and tampered with on a day-to-day basis. We were totally traumatized yet the SP North of Pondicherry one Firoz Zia Hussain, failed to act in spite of repeated oral complaints and visits to the police station requesting for relief.

It is an open secret that the trustees pay hafta to the Pondicherry Police and many of them regularly visit the Trust Office for personal gains.

On 16.09.2004 Arunashri’s room had been tied with wire and rope. She went with Jayashree to the police station and did not budge till they had taken down her complaint and registered an FIR. They were made to wait in the police station till 9.00 p.m. by SHO Varadarajan. Her complaint on which FIR No.213/2004 was registered on 17.09.2004 had been dictated by the police to suit their convenience and unfortunately it did not contain all the grievances of Arunashri.

On 19.09.2004 police came to arrest Girish Panda. He took time to appear before the police and in the afternoon he went with Nirmal Swain to the police station.