Monday, 1 August 2005

Five Sisters file Contempt Petition Against Ashram Trustees

After issuing a show cause notice dated 24.01.2005, which contained no charges leveled against us, and enclosing an incomplete report of A.V. Nagarajan, the trustees proceeded to expel us by pasting expulsion notices. We were constrained to file O.S. No.409/2005 before the Principal district Munsif at Pondicherry. (See posting on 07.02.2005)

The trustees pressured Mr. N. Krishnasamy, the Hon’ble Judge of PDM, to reject our case. But heartfelt thanks to another upright judicial officer who granted us exparte interim injunction on 28.04.2005 in I.A. No.1500/2005 in O.S. No.409/2005, restraining the trustees and their henchmen from taking any action against us based on A.V. Nagarajan’s report, and noting that the balance of convenience was in our favor. Subsequently both sides (trustees and us) were given full opportunity to present their side of the case and the injunction was made final on 10.06.2005 after a thorough enquiry.

However the trustees disobeyed the order of the Hon’ble Judge Mr. Krishnasamy. On 01.07.2005 all the five sisters were denied ‘Prosperity’ items, which is given to every inmate to meet their daily and monthly needs since the inmates do not receive any money. We filed Contempt Petition No. 3782/2005 against trustees since they disobeyed the court order. This contempt petition is still pending disposal at Pondicherry.