Friday, 29 December 2006

Arunashri Faces Yet Another Humiliation

Ever since we have protested against the sexual harassment meted out to us, many henchmen of the trustees are trying to be the trustees’ favorites and competing with each other to harass us and torture us, either to obtain personal favors and/or to hide or enhance their own wrongdoings. One such person is Subhashini Mohanty hailing from Orisa.

It is rumored that she was sold by her brother for a lump-sum and was coerced into prostitution. She somehow managed to escape and found a haven here at the Ashram. She has stripped many men of their wealth and destroyed marriages, and even now openly entertains men in her room given by the Ashram.

Subhashini works at Ashram laundry, a facility enjoyed by all inmates and chosen beneficiaries. She has been regularly stealing Arunashri’s clothes, tearing or damaging them or making them in some way unwearable. Arunashri has complained repeatedly to the laundry management but in vain. 

On 29.12.2006 at about 4 p.m. when Arunashri went to collect her laundered clothes, Subhashini dragged her by her hair and brutally beat her up in front of its acting in-charge. Subhashini Mohanty goes daily to the gym and does a lot of exercise and is a very strong manly type of woman and my sister is a typical dainty lady. You can image my sister's condition.

But guess what??? … After beating Arunashri, obviously as instructed by the trustees of the Ashram, Subhashini rushes to Trust Office, reports her done deed. She is immediately taken to Ashram Nursing Home under Dilip Datta’s preplanned scheme and spends two days recovering from the incident. Whereas Arunashri, who was not even able to get up, somehow managed to reach home. She was not given any treatment or care. Mind-blowing sense of justice.

Arunashri reported the incident to Albert Patel, another trustee of Ashram and in-charge of Ashram Laundry,  in person. He outright refused to hear her problem.