Thursday, 16 October 2014

Justice - Blind or Blindfolded?

At last yesterday the Order passed by Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya has been put up on the Supreme Court website. The Order goes thus

In spite of service of notice respondents have not filed affidavit nor appeared in the Court. In the circumstances, we issue bailable warrant against alleged contemnor…”

The beginning of the Order indicates

(With office report)

Now if you remember the Office Order mentioned that they have received our letter wherein we have expressed our inability to appear since we have no means and that our plight ought to be considered. (For details see posting of 14.10.2014)

Now isn’t it surprising that even when this letter has been put up before Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya and Justice S.A. Bobde (a fresh Judge), they fail to pay attention to it and mention that we have failed to appear and hence to issue bailable warrant. I can understand Justice Mukhopadhaya’s stance but what happened to Justice Bobde? Or is Justice Bobde too scared to stand up for the truth and correct the wrongdoing of his senior? 

I am speechlessly stupefied at the blatant injustice and miscarriage of justice happening at the Supreme Court. Has justice become blind or blindfolded to cater to selfish interests?

Also pertinent to point out is when we have no resources to pay for appearing before the Supreme Court, how are we supposed to pay for the bailable warrant? Can someone, any person in authority please tell me how we are supposed to achieve this feat? And what happens when we fail to pay the bail after we are arrested? Do we rot in jail or are we supposed to be die of hunger-strike which we shall take recourse to if we are detained?

It seems the arrest warrant has not yet reached the SP of Pondicherry. We have to take one step at a time and see what unfolds and how it unfolds. The Order directing for our arrest is produced below.

ITEM NO.7                                 COURT NO.4                         SECTION XII
                                   S U P R E M E C O U R T O F              I N D I A
                                           RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS

  CONMT.PET.(C) No. 395/2014 In SLP(C) No. 27620/2012

  AUROBINDO ASHRAM TRUST                                                          Petitioner(s)


  JAYASHREE PRASAD & ORS.                                                         Respondent(s)
  (With office report)

  Date : 13/10/2014 This petition was called on for hearing today.

                           HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE S.A. BOBDE

  For Petitioner(s)
                                                Mr.   Sanjay Parikh, Adv.
                                                Ms.   Mamta Saxena, Adv.
                                                Mr.   Ritwik Parikh, Adv.
                                                Mr.   A.N. Singh, Adv.
                                                Ms.   Anitha Shenoy,Adv.
  For Respondent(s)

                            UPON hearing the counsel the Court made the following
                                               O R D E R

                                   In spite of service of notice respondents have
                         not filed affidavit nor appeared in the Court.                In the
                         circumstances,    we     issue     bailable       warrant    against
                         alleged     contemnor        respondents-Jayashree           Prasad,
                         Arunaashre Prasad, Rajyashree Prasad, Nivedita Prasad
                         and Hemlata Prasad, all resident of No. "Ambabhikshu
                         House"    33,    Dr.    Ambedkar       Street,      Kuruchikuppam,
                                   Copy    of     this     order      be     forwarded      to
                         Superintendent of Police Pondicherry for execution of
                         the Court's order.
Signature Not Verified             Post   the   matter     on   2nd   December,      2014   for
Digitally signed by
Neeta Sapra
Date: 2014.10.15
17:15:31 IST

                            (Neeta)                                        (Usha Sharma)

                            Sr. P.A.                                        COURT MASTER

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