Sunday, 5 August 2012

Justice S. Manikumar - Another Compromised Judge?

Even though the police had assisted the trustees in illegally stopping our food they abstained from assisting us to get back our food at Ashram Dining Room. In fact even our complaints for the assault on 22.07.2010 on us by some inmates were registered only under the Magistrate Court’s directions.

The trustees transparent acts of malice and duplicity came to light when knowing fully well and having received the letter dated 25.07.2010 from the Warden of Jenny Working Women’s Hostel, the trustees sent money orders to Jenny Hostel’s address for all of us, but their correspondences to us were all sent at the Ambabhikshu House address, wherein we were still residing.

We filed I.A.No.2094/2010 for restoring our food and all other facilities. Orders were passed allowing us to eat at Ashram Dining Room on 27.10.2010.

Trustees approached directly Justice K. Venkataraman and filed C.R.P. No.4219/2010 and Contempt No.1483/2010 against we five sisters. In fact in Contempt Petition No.1483/2010 Justice K. Venkataraman even named Mrs. R. Vasanthi (the upright judge of PDM who had passed order for restoring food and all other facilities). Thank god some sense prevailed and he did not pursue his vengeance against this most honorable judge.

However Justice K. Venkatarman went on harassing and intimidating my lawyer at Madras High Court, who with great difficulty managed to transfer both C.R.P. No.4219/2010 and Contempt No.1483/2010 to another bench consisting of Justice S. Manikumar.

Justice S. Manikumar also played foul because he was scared of his senior namely Justice K. Venkatarman and in any event corrupt judges always stick together and watch out each other’s back. Anyhow Justice S. Manikumar heard the arguments on both sides in April 2011. He did not record any contempt on our side but he took offence since we had used the word illegal while speaking of High Court order in our counter in the proceedings. We apologized for this mistake.

Generally High Courts and Supreme Court orders are dictated then and there in the open court, at least the directive part. But Justice Manikumar failed to follow procedure. He posted the matter for orders and after more than a year, past two summer vacations, he passed an even more malafide order dated 03.08.2012, not only upholding Justice K. Venkatarman’s order but modifying it still further and literally ordering eviction on an interim petition revision.