Saturday, 2 August 2014

Contempt Petition filed by Five Sisters

The Supreme Court Order dated 29.04.2014 states that we sisters are supposed to vacate “suit premises” on or before 31.07.2014.

First of all the suit is not for claiming property but for challenging a malafide report concocted by the trustees based on which the trustees tried to expel us from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, which has been our home for more than 3 decades. Therefore as the description of the property does not exist there order of the Supreme Court is not executable and is null and void or non-est in the eye of law. We were constrained to give undertaking to vacate the rooms wherein we are presently residing but that was only under threat and duress from these Supreme Court Judges. There is no contempt on our side.

Second point. Ashram Main Building has residential rooms to accommodate inmates. So, if we were to vacate our present rooms provided by the Ashram and as stated in the undertaking by us, would the trustees permit us to live in the rooms at Ashram Main Building? Obviously not because the trustees want to expel us from the Ashram by which they mean all the properties belonging to the Ashram Trust.

The Ashram trustees have only the right to administer and manage the Ashram properties and do not have any power over the inmates as stipulated by the Trust Deed executed by the Mother herself. The present corrupt trustees have usurped that power which they are now wielding unjustly to perpetuate their goonda-raj under the garb of spirituality and to maintain their personal positions of power since there are no bye-laws in the Trust Deed.

Thirdly the order of the Supreme Court does not deny us food and all other amenities as enjoyed and provided to every inmate of Ashram. However the trustees have denied us all of these basic facilities and amenities. Food has been given only after I gave in writing that there is no such direction in the Supreme Court Order. 

Therefore we have filed a contempt application against the trustees and their many henchmen and sent it by registered post. Our petition has been received on 05.08.2014 by Justice Sudhanshu Jyoti Mukhopadhaya and Justice Ranjan Gogoi and none of them have taken it up and given us relief.

Our Contempt petition is produced below.