Tuesday, 3 December 2002

Illegal Service of Notice

I filed O.S. No.668/2002 on 14.11.2002 challenging Mr. N.P.K. Menon’s impugned undated report. And today I can say that my apprehensions have proved right.

Together with O.S. No.668/2002 I filed an interim petition in I.A. No.2937/2002 for interim injunction to restrain the trustees from taking any action based on the perverse report of Mr. Menon. Injunction has been granted and status quo has been directed as an inmate of the Ashram.

But the trustees have to act in their highhanded manner to maintain their un-slackened track record of harassment. So Matriprasad and Nirmal Swain got hold of two probationers and pasted a backdated show cause notice on my door at Ambabhiskhu House, knowing fully well that O.S. No.668/2002 has been filed and exparte interim injunction of status quo has been granted through I.A. No.2937/2002. 

This was done simply to intimidate and harass me and humiliate my family.

Monday, 14 October 2002

Constitution of Civil Suit in O.S. No.668/2002

A third enquiry (by the trustees’ count) was constituted for the same alleged misconduct leveled against me by the trustees – 
  1. “in camera enquiry” (no documents as yet produced to show its proceedings)
  2. Mr. K. Natarajan’s enquiry having Vijay Poddar as presenting officer (report not furnished though concluded)
  3. Mr. Menon’s enquiry illegally initiated by Madras High Court because of trustees’ deliberate misrepresentation, leniency shown due to spiritual institution, and …sous-entendu.

All the three enquiries found me to be guilty though no evidence was produced. In fact Mr. Menon went to the extent to state that it did not matter who made me pregnant without first ascertaining the fact whether I was pregnant. As per him I could have been made pregnant by Manoj Das Gupta himself if I so chose to claim.

And even better was the hilarious conclusion which Mr. Menon came to that having become pregnant in the end of year 2000 (implying November or December 2000) I was found to be 6-7 months pregnant by 10.01.2001 (implying within 2-3 months). As per Mr. Menon’s conclusion I have achieved a medical miracle!

It is also interesting to note that Matriprasad was the presenting officer for the trustees since Vijay Poddar, Sri Aurobindo Society, did not wish to be dragged into their nasty web at the cost of his reputation for a second time.

Mr. Menon submitted to my lawyer at Madras/Chennai a copy of the perverse undated report. On 08.11.2002 I collected this perverse report. Knowing fully well the modus operandi of the trustees, before they could take action based on the impugned report and expel me for a third time (by trustees’ count) I challenged the same today by filing O.S. No.668/2002 before the Hon’ble I Additional District Munsif at Pondicherry. 

Friday, 13 September 2002

Madras High Court Shows Leniency – Miscarriage of Justice

The trustees categorically maintained in all their correspondence and pleadings filed in O.S. No.215/2001 that only after conducting an “in camera enquiry” Hemlata was sought to be expelled from the Ashram. The trustees however have failed to produce any documentary evidence of this alleged enquiry proceedings till date.

In fact, in all their correspondences and pleadings relating to and filed in O.S. No.215/2001, the trustees have subtly and cunningly altered their concocted story to make it more and more plausible. Only hearsay and alleged confessions have been taken recourse to for building up their defamatory concoction.

To cover up their lapse the trustees decided to illegally constitute a second enquiry by appointing one Mr. K. Natarajan, retired district Judge, with Vijay Poddar of Sri Aurobindo Society as the presenting officer. I was issued with notice for appearance and I refused to participate since O.S. No.215/2001 was pending and since the trustees had vehemently claimed that an “in camera enquiry” had been conducted. I challenged the constitution of this enquiry in O.S. No.215/2001 through an interim petition in I.A. No.2672/2001 and the Hon’ble Court directed the trustees to continue with the enquiry proceedings.

But the self-proclaimed incarnates of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, namely the trustees, are a law unto themselves, who obey and give a damn for nobody but themselves and their self-interests. So Mr. Natarajan and Mr. Vijay Poddar were told to proceed with the enquiry. It was completed and even a report finding me guilty, so I am told, had been produced. But I have not been furnished with a copy of this enquiry’s report.

Now the trustees did not like to be told that they cannot conduct a second enquiry parallel. So they approached the Hon’ble Madras High Court. Mr. Justice R. Balasubramanium, entertained C.R.P. No.787/2002, filed by the trustees. Mr. Sri Ram Panchu (senior lawyer) and Mr. C.A. Diwakar, trustees’ lawyers misrepresented before the High Court that the trustees had only conducted an “informal enquiry” and being a spiritual institution and ignorant about the ways of the world, the trustees inadvertently made a mistake. Wrongly gaining the sympathy of the High Court and also through deliberate misrepresentation, the court showed leniency and allowed them to conduct an enquiry (third on trustees count) by appointing Mr. N.P.K. Menon, a retired District Judge. The trustees were also directed to pay an initial sum of Rs.15,000/- to Mr. Menon. How much will really be paid is anyone’s guess…

The miscarriage of justice occurred when Justice Balasubramaniam summarily terminated my suit at Pondicherry, in O.S. No.215/2001, without even going into the merits of the case and conducting a trial.