Wednesday, 15 October 2008

International Guest House as Second Alternate Accommodation

The trustees did not like our choice of alternate accommodation as ‘Golconde Guest House’ and they definitely did not pay for our expenses of daily needs and necessities as asked for. So they rushed back to Justice K. Venkataraman and filed a petition for clarification in M.P. No.1/2008 in C.R.P. No. 3314/2007 for clarification of the order dated 29.01.2008.

When the so-called clarification petition was heard, Justice K. Venkataraman, had been completely won over by the trustees charismatic fa├žade consisting of wealth, piety and false spirituality. He was hostile towards us and reprimanded us for delaying the smooth compliance of his order. Thereafter on 04.08.2008, under the guise of clarification, Justice K. Venkataraman modified his own Order dated 29.01.2008. We were directed to reside outside all Ashram-owned premises.

Once again we complied with his unjust malafide order. We requested to be accommodated at ‘International Guest House’, which belongs to Sri Aurobindo Society and not to the Ashram. We also requested to be given Rs.275/- (for food) and Rs.125/- (for basic expenses) per day for each one of us. The trustees manipulated the management of ‘International  Guest House’ and asked us to find another place where food was included along with lodging.

So, we asked for rooms at ‘Sea Side Guest House’. This guest house also belongs to Sri Aurobindo Society and not to Ashram. The trustees were enraged by our reasonable request because even at the first instance they never wished to provide us with any alternate accommodation, their wish was simply to throw us out on the streets because we protested against sexual harassment and because we abstained from entertaining their henchmen. 

The trustees are cunningly moving towards their goal using legal means with the active help of Justice K. Venkataraman. Let us watch their next malicious move.