Monday, 9 May 2005

IGP Meena Plays Foul

On 07.05.2005 Arunashri received a notice from NHRC directing her to present herself for the enquiry being conducted by IGP, Pondicherry, at NHRC’s behest for the complaint given by her to NHRC on 05.04.2005. Immediately she rushed to IGP’s office in the afternoon and they were informed that IGP Meena was out of station.

On 09.05.2005 Jayashree and Arunashri went to meet SSP (C&I) Mrs. Chhaya Sharma (close associate of trustees). After listening to them she informed them that report had already been sent by IGP and there was no question of enquiry now. We informed NHRC about this foul-play and awaited further directions.