Friday, 26 September 2014

SOS-Letter faxed to Hon'ble Home Minister

We sent our representation to the Hon’ble Home Minister by fax. Produced below wherein we have expressed explicitly our desire not to bow down to injustices heaped upon us and valiantly fight through till death.

In a case where issues of sexual harassment has been challenged, eviction notice is ordered by the Supreme Court. This just goes to show how the judges do not read the papers and are not competent to hold the office they are responsible for.



From - Arunashri Prasad, C/o Sri G. Prasad, (Cell: 9025091403)                            Dt.- 26.09.2014
No.4, Captain Marius Xavier Street, Ground Floor, Pondicherry-605001

Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi

Honourable Excellency

Ref:      (1) Letter dated 10.06.2014 from my 4 sisters and myself
            (2) Reminder dated 17.07.2014
            (3) Fax dated
            (4) My telephonic conversation with Your Excellency on

Our pranams to you. I am sending this fax for and on behalf of my four sisters and for myself. At the outset we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Your Excellency for talking to me and giving me sweet scolding filled with parental affection and concern, and guiding us to never give up, inspired by which we resolved to continue in our fight for justice.

The orders passed by some corrupt Judges of the Madras High Court and Supreme Court have turned our sexual harassment case into a case of eviction to the extent that in S.L.P. No.27620/2012, even without giving us any opportunity to be heard, orders were passed on 29.04.2014 directing us to vacate ‘suit premises’ in a case where there is no mentioned suit premises nor any claim or dispute regarding any suit premises. But the trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram are trying to implement such impugned and illegal order and have now filed contempt proceedings against us, in which we have received notice on 22.09.2014.

As early as on 31.07.2014 we had sent by post our representation-cum-Writ Petition U/Art 32 of the Constitution of India to the Chief Justice of India which has been received by him on 06.08.2014. We had also sent by post our contempt petition to Supreme Court against the trustees and their henchmen, who have not only stopped most of our basic needs and necessities and facilities but who have also taken inappropriate videos and photos of us on various occasions. Our contempt petition dated 02.08.2014 has been received on 05.08.2014 by Justice Mukhopadhaya and Justice Gogoi, the judges who have passed the illegal order in S.L.P. No.27620/2012. However neither our Writ Petition nor our Contempt Petition has been entertained by these biased corrupt judges.

In fact on 16.08.2014 Justice Lodha has visited the Trustees and interacted with their representatives and on 13.09.2014 Justice Mukhopadhaya has visited the Trustees and interacted with them. Both of these visits are professionally unethical and we can expect no justice under these circumstances. It is also interesting to note that the contempt petition filed by the Trustees against us has come up before Justice Mukhopadhya on 15.09.2014, just two days after his visit to the trustees, and obviously there has been huge money power play.

The Registrar of Supreme Court has directed us to appear on 13.10.2014 at 10.30 a.m. before him and also that we are to stay till the completion of the contempt proceedings. We have sent by post our letter to the Registrar expressing our inability to appear before him since we have no means either to engage lawyer (no lawyer is willing to appear and face the wrath of the corrupt judges) nor any means to personally appear and contest our innocence and fight for getting justice. Therefore we are desisting from appearance, especially in view of the fact that the judges have already been compromised. In the spirit of our great revolutionaries we have decided to take recourse to passive resistance and fight injustice and miscarriage of justice only through passive resistance till death.

As early as on 01.08.2014, in order to illegally enforce the order dated 29.04.2014 passed in S.L.P. No.27620/2012, the trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust had sought help from Pondicherry Police. Luckily common sense prevailed and the police did not help since there was no court order to that effect. But we are sure that through the contempt petition filed by them, the trustees are going to illegally get directions for police help through the Supreme Court and we shall be arrested. We do not fear arrest or going to jail because after all our Guru and Lord Sri Aurobindo himself was unjustly arrested and faced imprisonment. We are his children and following his ideals and teachings we feel no remorse to take such a course of action in the interest of justice.

Once we are arrested neither the State Government nor the Central Government will be able to help us since the Supreme Court has passed such illegal order. These corrupt judges are unaccountable and unanswerable for the illegal orders that they pass for personal gains and profits. We shall fast unto death in jail and our deaths shall result solely due to the illegal orders passed by these corrupt judges of the Madras High Court and even more corrupt judges of the Supreme Court, but also in great measure the inaction of the government officials who could have timely intervened and prevented such miscarriage of justice resulting in our death.

We expect no relief and have no expectation from anybody. This SOS-letter is only to apprise Your Excellency of the prevailing conditions and nothing more. We thank once again Your Excellency for your parentally affectionate advice which truly motivated us to continue our fight for justice.

Our Pranams to Your Excellency.

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