Monday, 29 September 2014

Our Letter to newly appointed Chief Justice Of India

We have written to the newly sworn in Chief Justice of India Mr. Justice H.L. Dattu. We hope that he can bring some sense and order, especially in Justice Mukhopadhaya’s head, who has not only wrongly passed orders for eviction in a case not pertaining to property but relating to sexual harassment, but who having enjoyed the hospitality of the trustees is under the circumstances duty-bound to recuse himself from the contempt proceedings.

Our letter sent by RPAD is produced below, which highlights various grave miscarriages of justice caused by Supreme Court judges.

From                                                                                                               September 29, 2014
1. JAYASHREE PRASAD, aged 54 years
2. ARUNASHRI PRASAD, aged 52 years
3. RAJYASHREE PRASAD, aged 48 years
4. NIVEDITA PRASAD, aged 41 years
5. HEMLATA PRASAD, aged 38 years
            C/o Er. Sri G. Prasad, (Phone: 9025091403)
Matri Nilayam, No.4, Captain Marius Xavier Street, Pondicherry-605001
The Hon'ble Chief Justice of India
His Lordship Mr. Justice H.L. Dattu
Supreme Court of India, New Delhi - 110201

Respected Lordship,

Sub:     Grave miscarriage of justice by Justices S.J. Mukhopadhaya and R. Gogoi

Ref:      (1) Order passed in S.L.P. No.27620/2012 on 29.04.2014 by Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya
      and Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Supreme Court of India
(2) Our letter dated 10.06.2014 to the Chief Justice of India
(3) Our reminder letter dated 17.07.2014 to the Chief Justice of India
(4) Our representation-cum Writ Petition U/Art. 32 of Constitution of India dated 31.07.2014
      filed through RPAD before Chief Justice of India and received on 06.08.2014
(5) Our petition for contempt dated 02.08.2014 filed through RPAD before Justice S.J.
      Mukhopadhaya and Justice Ranjan Gogoi and received by them on 05.08.2014
(6) Our letter dated 23.09.2014 sent by RPAD to Registrar of Supreme Court of India

Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on becoming the newly appointed Chief Justice of India and we hope that under Your Lordship’s leadership and guidance we shall at last get justice.

We are five blood-sisters, all spinsters and inmates of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, who have dedicated our entire life in pursuit of spiritual living based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Ashram has been our only home for more than 30 years. As inmates we have no income or means to support ourselves because Ashram has been supporting us and is duty-bound to provide, protect and fulfill all our needs, necessities, facilities and amenities as stipulated by the Mother in the Trust Deed executed by her. We have been leading our lives peacefully and without any hindrance till 2001.

Since 2001, because of the present power-hungry crooked and criminal-minded trustees, we have been facing all kinds of harassment, victimizations, physical assaults, sexual harassment, traumas and various indignities, some of which also form part of the Writ Petition No.695/2014 coming up before Your Lordship on 10.10.2014 as item No.16.

In 2005 we faced severe sexual harassment and the trustees of the Ashram, in order to protect the perpetrators who are their henchmen, conducted a sham enquiry to mislead and interfere with the enquiry being conducted by NCW, New Delhi, in order to intimidate and suppress us. (This enquiry is presently pending before the Govt. of Pondicherry under the directions of NCW, New Delhi). However an impugned report was created by the trustees based on which they sought to illegally expel us from the Ashram. We challenged this impugned report before the Trial Court at Pondicherry in O.S. No.409/2005 and in an interim petition were granted status quo. The trustees dragged us several times to High Court of Madras where two corrupt judges, Justice Venkataraman and Justice Manikumar, illegally entertained all their unteneable submissions and turned the simple interim petition granting us food, shelter, clothing, medical and all other basic needs, necessities, amenities and facilities, into eviction proceedings, a prayer neither made by the trustees nor us.

Much aggrieved, with great financial hardships and difficulties and with the help of some well-wishers, we filed S.L.P.No.27620/2012 which was heard and interim order of stay was granted on 28.09.2012 by Justice Nijjar and Justice Gokhale. Then suddenly on 29.04.2014, without any reason our SLP was preponed by 1½ months, listed before a fresh bench consisting of Justice S.J. Mukhopadhya and Justice R.Gogoi. They gave us no opportunity of being heard and in their first ever sitting, under 2 minutes, illegal order of eviction was passed by these judges. Without having the court order in our hand, fearing the wrath of these corrupt judges and under tremendous duress, we were constrained to give undertaking to vacate the premises wherein we are presently residing in the Ashram.

On receipt of the order dated 29.04.2014 we found that it was illegal since it directed us to vacate ‘suit premises’ in a case where there is no description of any suit property. We were astounded at the grave miscarriage of justice. The order dated 29.04.2014 passed in S.L.P. No.27620/2012 is illegal, unteneable and not executable and has been passed without following principles of Natural Justice. We sent by RPAD our Writ Petition U/Art 32 and Contempt petition against the trustees, referred above. Since on 16.08.2014 Justice Lodha and on 13.09.2014 Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya have unethically visited the Ashram, been entertained by the Ashram trustees at Pondicherry, both these petitions have been ignored.

However the trustees of Ashram have initiated contempt proceedings against us in Contempt Petition No.395/2014 and we have received notice of it on 22.09.2014. We have been asked to appear before the Registrar on 13.10.2014 at 10.30 am. We have replied, referred above, that we are incapable of appearing since we have no income or means to do so and that our plight should be considered. In fact the rooms wherein we are residing for more than 13 years belong to us and the trustees, before trying to illegally evict us, may be directed to file proper eviction proceedings before appropriate forum to prove their possession of the same.

We humbly submit that since Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya has been compromised, we can expect no justice from him in the contempt proceedings which is coming up before him. Even as early as on 22.07.2010 the trustees had illegally implemented the High Court order and forcibly stopped our food at Ashram Dining Room for more than 3 months, with the help of the Pondicherry police. We barely managed to survive. This time also we are given to understand that Justice Mukhopadhaya is going to order our arrest through police, using which direction the trustees shall forcibly throw us destitute on the streets. We have decided to fast unto death and end our lives since there is no justice available in this country where the Judges are unethical and corrupt.

We expect no relief and have no expectation from anybody. We shall be punished and die because we had the courage to stand up and protest against the sexual harassment and victimization meted out to us. A new form of justice is now being provided in this country by the corrupt unaccountable and unanswerable Judges of the High Court and Supreme Court to cater to the needs of the rich and powerful. If Your Lordship can help it will be nothing short of a miracle indeed!!!

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Sd/- (5 Sisters)

Copy to
1. Hon’ble Law Minister Sri Ravishankar Prasad, Ministry of Law & Justice, New Delhi - 110001
2. The Registrar, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi-110201

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