Monday, 8 December 2014

Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya Harasses Us Once Again

On 18.11.2014 we five sisters had been arrested by the Pondicherry Police under the directions given by Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya and were released on bail on the condition that we appear before him on 02.12.2014. With great difficulty we managed to make basic arrangements and appeared before Justice Mukhopadhaya on 02.12.2014 and this is what transpired.

When our case was called on 02.12.2014 trustees’ lawyer Sanjay Parekh and on the other side Nivedita and myself appeared before Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya. As soon as we stood before him, Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya took our file and threw it aside saying that we sisters did not want him to sit on judgment for the contempt petition. He then went on to falsely accuse us that we had some lawyer hailing from Bihar who knew his family and who had written a letter against him on our behalf seeking some kind of a vengeance against him. He then admitted that he had visited Pondicherry Ashram 4 times, including the time as mentioned in the letter, but no one had ever told him anything. However since he was to retire in two months time he did not want any black spot of professional misconduct on his career and so he did not want to take up the matter on professional ethics.

When Justice Mukhopadhaya also stated that the letter accused him that his children were practicing in the Supreme Court, one of the lawyers supported him by saying that he knew of no such persons. Justice Mukhopadhaya then admitted that it was a fact that his children were practicing in the Supreme Court and not many people knew about it.

By his admission Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya not only proved his already indulged in professional misconduct, by inference he also admitted having favored the trustees throughout the SLP proceedings and the contempt proceedings and exposed their mutually beneficial relationship either through his children or by his own self.

Thereafter Sanjay Parekh, as instructed by Matriprasad and Devdip Ganguly (trustees’ henchmen), complained to Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya that we had started a website wherein we were accusing many other judges of having visited the Ashram, even the Chief Justice of Supreme Court. I responded by saying that it was true since I had myself seen these judges with my very own eyes enjoying the hospitality of the trustees and being entertained by Matriparasad and other trustees’ sycophants.

I then told Justice Muphopadhaya that a copy of the letter he was referring to had been sent to us also by RPAD and I had filed the same as part of our counter in the contempt petition. The letter had been sent by some citizens of a corruption free society. At this Justice Mukhopadhaya accused me of being a member of corrupt society. I strongly retorted that it was he who was corrupt and a member of corrupt society, illegally helping the trustees in all their wrongdoings for personal gain and glory, and that I was a citizen of a corruption free society and led an upright life.

Sanjay Parekh once again tried to belittle us by uttering nonsense against our character and how we were in the habit of filing false complaints. I vehemently denied his allegations stating that the contents of the blog spoke the truth for themselves and no amount of mudslinging would wash off the trustees’ misdeeds.

However Justice Mukhopadhaya was not inclined to give us an opportunity to be heard. I was really angry and I shouted at him that after issuing bailable arrest warrant, after having us arrested and humiliated, he cannot now deny us an opportunity to be heard and simply wash off his hands from the case on the ground that he fears black spot on his career if he continues to sit on this case. But all my heated submissions fell on deaf ears. He simply refused to listen to us.

I also requested the matter to be posted in a day or two since we were leaving by 04.12.2014 evening and that we could not prolong our stay since we had appeared at the Supreme Court with great difficulty and were facing great hardship. Justice Mukhopadhaya laughingly belittled our submission saying that we were facing no hardship and he knew fully well the life we led in the Ashram was one of comfort and decadence. We were furious and categorically informed him that he knew nothing of the hell we were going through because of the trustees’ highhandedness which they were wielding because of the support of corrupt judges likes him.

I then requested him to receive our counter in the contempt petition but he arrogantly threw away our file and called for the next case to be heard. He compounded the miscarriage of justice by even failing to receive our counter knowing fully well that we would not be able to appear whenever our case was next listed.

As the next item was called the lawyers of the other cases were shooing us away so that they could be heard and in the face of such open hostility shown to us by Justice Mukhopadhaya, insulting him by showing him our back we began to move away. Then fury at the injustice and harassment caused by Justice Mukhopadhaya overtook us and both Nivedita and myself began enumerating loudly the manner by which the trustees and these corrupt judges were victimizing us on false grounds - first that in a sexual harassment case the judges had issued eviction proceedings, second that even when there was no mention on suit premises Justice Mukhopadhaya and Gogoi had issued eviction proceedings. We also showed the pornographic chits received by us and asked all present in the court hall whether justice was being given to us. One of the lawyers reprimanded us by saying that this is not the way to behave to which I retorted that is this the way supreme court renders justice. For five minutes we let off steam in this manner exposing and highlighting the various misdeeds of the trustees who were helped by these corrupt judges and then we left the court hall with dignity.

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