Friday, 30 July 2010

Trustees Maliciously Keep Denying Food to Five Sisters

Trustees send a letter at a wrongly mentioned address to Jayashree enclosing a non-certified copy of the malafide order dated 21.06.2010. We inform the trustees that the order is not verifiable and even as we are taking steps to obtain a certified copy, the trustees forcibly implement this order.

On 22.07.2010 we five sisters go for lunch. Using Pondicherry police to intimidate us, Matriprasad, Maya Khandelwal, Jahnavi Ravikanti, Purushottam Kothari and others assault Jayashree and Hemlata and deny us food at Ashram Dining Room. (See posting dated 22.07.2010).

On 23.07.2010 I meet the Warden of Jenny Working Women’s Hostel saying that our food has been stopped at Ashram Dining Room and we have been directed to reside at the hostel by the Madras High Court. Thereafter on 27.07.2010 I write a letter to the Warden asking her about our position vis-à-vis her hostel. In answer I get a letter from her dated 25.07.2010 which she has sent to the trustees stating that their representatives have misrepresented and mislead them and they are in no position to accommodate us.

In spite of receiving letter dated 25.07.2010 from the Warden of Jenny Women Hostel the trustees have failed to provide food to us till date.

Typed-copy of letter dated 25.07.2010 (Warden’s letter to trustees) is produced below.

(A Division of Jenny Creche & Baby Care)
Regd. No.150/94
No.1, 6TH Cross, Brindavanam, Puducherry-13. Cell : 9442891338
Date 25-07-2010

Managing Trustee
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust
Puducherry – 605002

Sub: -    Accommodation facilities to your requirements could not be considered  - Intimation – Reg

We have come to know that your representatives had not given proper and sufficient information about proposed occupants to our management. And also on discrete enquiry we have come to understand that some misunderstanding was developed between you management and the said proposed occupants.

Hence, we are not in a position to accommodate the said proposed occupants at our hostels.
Yours truly,
(K. Kothai Bala)

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