Friday, 30 March 2001

Civil Suit in O.S. No.215/2001

On 21.03.2001 Gangaram issued to me a chit as the Deputy Director of Physical Education Department of Ashram (P.E.D.) stopping all my sports activities at P.E.D. premises. The chit simply stated that my name had been removed from ‘Prosperity List’ of the Ashram. ‘Prosperity List’ is a list of all the inmates who are being taken care of in every way by the Ashram and are completely dependent on the Ashram for their survival, therefore this chit was in effect an illegal order of expulsion. So, on 23.03.2001, based on this chit I filed a civil suit for permanent injunction on 23.03.2001 in the morning in O.S. No.215/2001 before the Hon’ble I Additional Munsif at Pondicherry.

Later in the day around 4 pm I received a defamatory letter through registered post (RPAD) dated 22.03.2001 from the trustees making wildly false allegations against my character. This letter falsely accused me of being 6-7 months pregnant through one Krishna Belliappa and which I illegally terminated.

Even though this letter read ‘Strictly Personal and Confidential’ it had been widely circulated by the trustees through their henchmen.
  1. On 23.03.2001 morning, even before I received this letter, Manjunath was flaunting it on my face when we were denied breakfast.
  2. On 23.03.2001, in the morning when I went to give my complaint to the police Mr. Anand Mohan asked me about veracity of this letter. In fact he mistook Jayashree to be me.
  3. Later on 24.03.2001 when Manjunath was called to the police station there also he showed to the police this letter.
  4. This defamatory letter was so widely circulated that even other ashramites and locals came up to me to ask me about this letter.

This mischief was played out by the trustees in order to discredit us thereby suppressing the incident of Jayashree’s assault.

On 28.03.2001 trustees entered appearance through one C.S. Narasimham, whose son had been a student of Ashram School. C.S. Narasimham represented the contents of the letter dated 22.03.2001 and the Hon’ble Judge Mr. Nallathamby was so shocked that he shouted from his seat at C.S. Narasimhan. He firmly told Mr. Narasimhan to produce evidence before making allegations of such serious nature. Mr. Narasimhan took time to file trustees counter and left shamefaced from the court.

On 30.03.2001 trustees gave an undertaking that Hemlata’s food and shelter will not be disturbed but they failed to file their counter and even to produce any evidence to support their false allegations.

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